Viktors Golgatha

3 vl., vla., 2 vlc., db., actor/narr., 2 perc – Dur. 47' (2004)

Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, Thomas Krogsbøl (narrator), Thomas Søndergård (cond.)

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Opera in 2 acts

Lord Henry Wotton, bass
Basil Hallward, actor
Dorian Gray, counter tenor
Mrs. Vane, Sybils mother, alto
Sybil Vane, pop singer
James Vane, Sybils little brother, high baritone
A butler, actor
An old woman who sells opium, alto
A prostitute, mezzo soprano
The Duchess of Monmouth, alto
Second servant, actor
Off stage chorus of a theatre audience

3 fl., 2 ob., EH., 3 cl., 3 bn., 4 hn., 3 tr., 3 trne., tb., timp., 3 perc., hp., cel., amplified str. quintet of 3 vn., viola and violoncello, tutti str.

Dur. 108' (2013) – Edition Wilhelm Hansen